Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello Software Friends!

Welcome to the ratchet fix to all technical problems. ALL! Like Everything! Slow down, slow down!Before you go and assume that we may not be qualified to fix issues and yadda, yadda. I am an IT individual that has been working on all sorts of IT related issues since i was a young lad. I know how annoying it gets to surf and surf for a fix. So I'm gonna be as descriptive as specific, and as REAL as it gets when it comes to fixing all things technical. So put on your damn thinking caps, eat your power bars, and turn off your damn Fetty Wap albums...LETS GET THE FIXING!

SharePoint: What is the difference between lists and libraries?

The term "List" is universal in SharePoint. While the term library refers to a special type of List. Example, a list would be a generic basketball player like "Matthew Dellavadingdong", and a library would be a dynamic basketball player like “Michael Jordan”. I breakdown the difference between list and libraries in the link below: