Thursday, November 28, 2013

RGIII - Turkey Boy

RGIII says you better leave his father alone! Blood is thicker than water. Stephen A Smith You listening Bro!? RGIII will slap the hell out of you!

Jason Kidd Fined $50,000

Jason Kidd tells Tyshawn Taylor to hit him so that he can spill his drink and stop play. Yea... Nice try Jason Kidd! I've seen better acting on a Martin Lawrence Movie. And Martin Lawrence's acting is beyond pitiful! You will be fined 50K for that!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DC Sports: John Wall with the impressive Slam against the Lakers

Dunk of the night! My Guy John Wall with the impressive dunk against the Lakers! You earned yourself a get out jail free card!

Widows Peak Rant: Kanye West (And His beliefs)

So it looks like Kanye West did his media rounds today, and went to the breakfast club, and Sway in the morning. Well lets just say this, There was a lot of yapping, and not a lot of sense making involved.