Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Careless World - Honest album review

My Honest album review of: Careless World.

You might as well say this is Tyga's first CD, because his official first CD had a completely different vibe than this one. He wasn't talking about throwing 10's and 20's on hoes or I'm faded in the club on his old one. He was way more censored. This album promises to be way more raw, and should be a breaking out party for the young money artist.

The album features some great artists such as: Wale, Nas, J. Cole and Lil' Wayne. And has production by Cool & Dre, Noah "40" Shebib", and many more.

Will this be Tyga's break out album? Let's see.

1. Careless World (3/5)
It seems like everyone is using that Noah "40" Shebib style beat. Anyways, the song is ok. He is clearly goin' harder than he has in any other time of his career, so this first song is a good sign. The beat also switches which was pretty unexpected.

2. Lil' Homie (4/5)
Neptunes can do no wrong in my eyes. It's also a blessing to get Pharrell on your chorus. I definitely f's with this song. Tyga's goin' hard on this one. To sum it up: If you like vintage Neptunes then this song is for you.

3. Muthaf--ka up (3/5)
I know it says ft. Nicki Minaj so it might be corny...and it is just a little. It's definitely catchy though. This is the type of song Tyga excels on though. It's fast paced and reminds me of I'm on it with Lil' Wayne. The similes/analogies by Tyga are horrendous.

4. Echoes (Interlude) 
I like this interlude. Why couldn't he make this a song? It would've been hot!

5. Do It All (3/5)
Doesn't it sound like Power by Kanye West a little (of course minus Kanye West's skills)? Definitely a good song. I like the breakdown at the end with the guitar and all.

6. I'm Gone (4/5)
Would've sworn this would be a drake song listening to the beginning of it. Never thought a song like this would feature Big Sean and Tyga. Big Sean killed it, and Tyga killed both his verses. Good song.

7. For The Fame (2/5)
Song is kinda corny. The type of song that sounds too happy. It sounds like a song I can make. Keep makin' songs like this and you will never experience fame Tyga! What do you mean she ain't in it for the fame? Of course she is.

8. Potty Mouth (3/5)
This song is hot. Tyga's flow is fire on this track. I'm just gonna assume that the deep voice after his second verse is him. The beat change with Busta Rhymes is crazy. Busta uses that nonsense fast rapping flow on it again. You can't tell me he's actually saying something.

9. Faded (4/5)
I like this song. He kinda sounds like Kendrick Lamar on this track. This song should get hot in clubs and bars soon. I can already see it now. Lil' Wayne definitely killed his verse. When it comes to disrespecting and molesting woman Lil' Wayne is an expert.

10. Rack City (4/5)
Faded and Rack City pretty much sound the same which all sound like the motto. How disrespectful is this song? Rack City B---ch 10's 10's 20's on your t---ies B--ch. Too bad more girls like this song then guys do.

12. Black Crowns (3/5)
Doesn't black crowns sound like black roses by Trey Songz a little bit? I noticed something Tyga said: He said his mom was the "best". I remember his old cd he was bashing her on a song called 3am. It's good that they apparently mended that broken relationship. His mom sounds a lot sexier than Drakes Grandma on the end of Look what you've done.

13. Celebration (3/5)
Summertime swag on this one. T-Pain is taking advantage of his last 2 minutes of fame. How nice of Tyga to put a faded star on his track.

14. Far Away (4/5)
Sounds a lot like the old Tyga CD. This is commercial status, which I like. Feel good music at it's finest.

15. This Is Like (3/5)
Robin Thicke? Where have you been? I haven't heard from you since tie you down on Lil' Wayne's CD. He killed the chorus though. Nothing special from Tyga's verses. I seriously wish they would've gave this song to another rapper because Tyga didn't do it much justice in my opinion.

16. Kings & Queens (5/5)
Clearly the best song on the CD. The beat is sick as hell. Wale killed his verse, and Nas (who I certainly didn't expect to show up on a Tyga album) Killed his verse too.

17. Let It Show (4/5)
I like this song. It's really laid back and it features the best rapper of 2011. Cool and Dre on the beat....remember them from 2005?

18. Love Game (3/5)
This song is good and long. The typical track where you spill out all you're feelings.

19. Lay You Down (5/5)
I actually heard this song about 4 years ago. Different verses but same fire from Tyga. Smooth song with Killer elements in it.

It's a HUUUUUGE improvement from his old album (But then again I can put out a CD with straight yelling and that would be an improvement too.) It sounds like he's definitely found his niche in the rap game. However, the album as a little boring for me. He doesn't really have any real topics, and his verses are forgettable. I do commend him on being the only Young Money artist to release a "rap" album. 

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