Monday, February 20, 2012

MTV Picks The Top 10 MC's

After throughly upsetting me by leaving out a few names (ahem, ahem J. Cole....cough, cough Kendrick Lamar)  MTV has finally released their top 10 list in whole. Tell me what you think!

10. Wale
  9. Wiz Khalifa
  8. Big Sean
  7. Meek Mill
  6. Jay-Z

5. Lil' Wayne

The Young Money leader actually sold more than everyone on this list. He's also is featured on 2 of the hottest songs of 2011: (Look at me Now, Hustle Hard (remix)) O well, I guess i'm ok with that.

4. Nicki Minaj
After that Lady Gaga like performance on the Grammy's, should we even still consider her Rap/Hip Hop? 2010 she was a hot MC, 2011, she kinda annoyed the hell out of me.

3. Kanye West
This fits. Watch the Throne was probably the best overall album of 2011. He also came out with My dark beautiful twisted whatever. I agree with this selection.

2. Drake
I can definitely get down with this. His album was hot, and he still is clearly the most "wanted" rapper on this list throughout.

1. Rick Ross
It's funny how 3 or 4 years ago 50 cent was going to war with him. 3 years later he's considered the hottest rapper in the game. Congrats to Rozay. He actually is probably the hardest working MC on this list.

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