Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kanye West Is Taking Shots!

Kanye West is taking shots! POW, POW!!!! Talkin' bout Kim, Kris and Wiz!

Kanye hits us with a new track where he addresses all the rumors!

Kris and Kim
He says he fell in love with Kim while she was messing with Kris.

"I fell in love with Kim when she fell in love with him (Kris) He's lucky I ain't get Jay to drop him from the team" (referring to Jay owning The Nets)
Wiz Khalifa
 He also says Wiz Khalifa is cool. I love when Kanye Raps angrily! He had some stuff to get off his chest.
"Whole industry wanna F' Your old chick, only person I got respect for is Wiz".
I don't want to start any fake rumors, but I have a feeling he's talking about Drake on this joint. Maybe it's just me.

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