Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Honest Album Review: Diggy - Unexpected Arrival

Man does time fly! Remember Run's House? They were like the reality TV 'Cosby show'. JoJo was Theo, Angela was Vanessa, and Vanessa was Denise. Diggy always reminded me of Rudy; The little one that followed the footsteps of his older siblings. I actually remember the episodes  he tried rapping. Fast forward a couple years, and now he has an impressive resume of songs. "Click Clack Away", "Do It Like Me". The next step in his maturation process was to make a good album. Did he accomplish that feat? LET'S FIND OUT!

1. The Arrival (The Intro)

The song starts out with what sounds like Rev Run. ( I could be absolutely wrong) He's pretty much saying the usual.....Haters wanna see you fail, They son't want to see you shine...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. ETC..ETC...It's always the same thing!

2. Hello World (5/5)

The Album starts out perfect! It's starts out with that old school, Otis-like sample, on a uplifting beat. Very Kanye West like song. Diggy Delivers with the verses! his flow is on point and lyrics are confident. Definitely one of the best songs on the album for sure!

Production: 5/5         Lyrics: 5/5              Flow: 5/5       Subject: 5/5        Overall: 5/5

3. Need To Know: (5/5)

Once again the production is perfect. The chorus is beautiful, the subject is on point. Diggy is asking I need to know if he wasn't popular, would you still be there for him?

Production: 5/5         Lyrics: 5/5              Flow: 5/5       Subject: 5/5        Overall: 5/5

4. 88: (4/5)

If you like rappers taking a crack at Lil' Wayne's A milli, then you'll like this track. It's definitely a catchy likable song. It's not like the other two, but it adds to the versatility of the album. Jadakiss kills the verse too.

Production: 5/5           Lyrics: 5/5            Flow: 4/5       Subject: 3/5       Overall: 4/5 
Sounds like: A Milli

5. Two Up (5/5)
Sounds exactly like a Kanye West/Graduation type song, in particular the "Good Life." It's a feel good track. His flow is alright, but the feel of the track is supersedes that. Personally, I really, really love the track.

Production: 5/5          Lyrics: 5/5             Flow: 4/5        Subject: 5/5        Overall: 5/5.
Sounds Like: Kanye West - "the Good Life"

6. Unforgivable Blackness (3.5/5)
Not too big a fan of this song. Don't really like the topic. It's a Nas-like/"I can" type song. pretty much stating that he's black and he's proud. I feel like he's a little too young to make something like this. The lyrics are definitely on point.

Production: 5/5          Lyrics: 5/5             Flow: 4/5         Subject: 3/5        Overall: 3.5/5

7. Special Occassion (5/5)
Old School Hip Hop sound! Very good ish! Who would've thought! The production is perfect. has an excellent vibe to it. Tank killed the chorus. How the hell is this 17 year old making that grown folk lounge music? Crazy.

Production: 5/5           Lyrics: 5/5            Flow: 5/5          Subject: 5/5         Overall: 5/5

8. Glow in the Dark (5/5)
Sounds like Lighters by Eminem.....Minus all that unnecessary yelling. It's another feel good song, and it gives you that church vibe. I don't like the concept of glow in the dark.....It's kinda corny. You can definitely change it after 3:30, unless you want to hear Simon Cowell talk.

Production: 5/5            Lyrics: 5/5           Flow: 4/5           Subject: 3/5          Overall: 5/5

9. 4 Letter Word (4/5)
Definitely the softest song on the CD. Here's what all the teeny girls expected. He tries his hand at singing, and is actually alright. The song is catchy as hell. I don't like his rap verses to be honest with you, it kinda makes the song corny. But I can definitely dig it. And I'm kinda confused, what 4 letter means....He's not saying love because it's supposed to be something he calls her.....O he must mean his 'girl' oooooo ok just got it, takes me a while to process teen talk.

Production: 5/5            Lyrics: 2/5            Flow: 3/5           Subject: 3/5          Overall: 4/5

10. Do It Like You 3/5
This song has always been alright with me. I absolutely hate the second verse. He sounds annoying as hell on it. And how the hell do you blatantly steal Big Sean's "Hol up Hol up"....he needed that to last a little bit longer than 15 minutes. The song is definitely  good though. Jeremih kills the chorus. I guess my main annoyance with this song is his softness with the girls. DON'T COMPLIMENT RANDOM WOMEN! I HATE THAT STUFF!

Production: 3/5           Lyrics: 2/5             Flow: 3/5           Subject: 3/5          Overall: 3/5

11. Tom Edison 4/5

Classic Kanye West. He clearly studied his sound. It also sounds like J. Cole a little (Ironically) He definitely goes hard on this song. He's spazzing on the non-believers and haters.

Production: 4/5           Lyrics: 4/5            Flow: 5/5           Subject: 4/5           Overall: 4/5

12. The Reign 4/5
Whooooa! What does he know about that 1960, earth, wind and fire sound? Definitely an old school sound. Once again I'm shocked that he pulled this track off. Definitely going to take some getting used to. He ends the song giving thanks to all the people supporting him. definitely a good song.

Production: 4/5           Lyrics: 4/5            Flow: 4/5           Subject: 4/5            Overall: 4/5

What bothers me is his image. He's portrayed as a teeny bopper. You would've never guessed he would make an album like this. (Maybe even the album of the year thus far, which is very hard for me to say).  For me, I'm not surprised. I remember he used to compare his rap style to Nas and Lupe Fiasco, so I knew he could possibly have a good hip hop album....This good? I probably would've never guessed. There's no teeny songs on this album at all! If you're a fan of Kanye West then this album is for you....Which is saying a lot!

Overall, if you are a hip hop head, this album definitely will not disappoint.....I Promise.

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